3 Wonderful Parks to Visit in Doha


Travel enthusiasts, it is the right time to recharge your vacations by visiting the best parks in Qatar. You can experience an incredible combination of tradition and modernity by visiting the parks in Qatar. Parks in Qatar are full of lush, green even though the Gulf state’s warm weather. They keep open spaces for jogging trails especially for those who need a place to keep active during their stay, while these parks can also keep your kids entertained.

Travelling can relieve stress, anxiety and give you a sense of refreshing.  But ignoring to visit parks can give you unsatisfactory sense that may down your happy mood. As you have no clue about the incredible parks in Qatar. Never mind; selecting the popular parks to visit would not be tougher as this blog covers all the amazing parks in Qatar, which you must visit during your vacations. So what are you waiting for? Check out Qatar Airways for booking your next holiday to visit wonderful parks in Qatar.

1- Aspire Park

Aspire Park is one of the largest parks in Doha, Qatar, which everyone can easily visit. It has approximately eighty-eight hectares area and eye-catching ambience make it the superb park to must-visit. You can enjoy a lot of entertaining activities and a fun sunset with family and friends. This park has mock lakes, the gorgeous sights of the tall multistory building the lush green surrounds are specific for the breathtaking attractions which border the park. These parks will occupy by the echoes of laughter on the weekend, particularly in the evening while playing games and having the startling barbecue by the people.Travellers or anyone can visit any park in Qatar for travelling to Qatar at an affordable cost by using the. Qatar Airways discount code while booking online.

2- Al Bidda Park

When it comes to enjoying a wide range of activities during your stay in Doha, Qatar Al Bidda Park come tops for every visit. This is a versatile park, making it for indulging in several fun sports and activities. It has spectacular outlooks of the sea and Doha’s fabulous skylines are some of the factors that you can like. Any fitness enthusiast or anyone can enjoy jogging and cycling on the tracks. Not only that, this park keeps a football arena and basketball courts that enhance the sporty charm of this park. Likewise, it has lavish greenery and pared plants that can sense you a different world.

3- Dahl Al Hamam Park

Dahl Al Hamam Park is one of the supreme parks to visit in Doha, Qatar. It delivers Free WIFI service to make it one of the key facilities of the park. It keeps an old cave and Coliseum for concerts that make it to a must-visit park during your holidays in Doha. This park is familiar with its amenities that are especially facilitated to kids. The café is located which is close to the main entrance of the park to accommodate your snacking. Kids cannot be bored while hassling to convince for leaving as it not only owns three playgrounds; but also numerous best places to enjoy activities such as football, basketball and skateboarding, things that kids love to play.

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