5 of the Best Ways to Stay Cool in Summer


For most individuals, summer may mean beach cricket, dips in the swimming pool, and BBQs. However, there are certain days when that harsh sun during summer is not fun and cracking up the air conditioner seems like the only option you have.

You have probably been there before. And in such times, you might feel like turning your home into a freezer. Though it is imperative to keep in mind that high energy associated with cooling your home contributes to global warming and greenhouse gas emission. So the best thing to do is consider the following ways to stay cool during summer:

1. Get the Right Clothing

Summer is the best season to go to the beach. There are several things to look at when choosing the right outfits, especially bamboo clothing for women. This may include wearing materials other than denim. A tight denim cutoff can be a beautiful beach look. However, soaking wet and denim shorts could be uncomfortable. This makes it necessary to go for breathable bamboo clothing.

In addition, you might want to stick to a light color – this also includes your workwear. Typically, workwear comes in dark colors, such as navy and black. But since it is summer, you may opt for light colors instead. That may include light blue button-up shirts, seersucker suits, or a white linen blazer.

2.Strategically Use Fans

Fans don’t cool the air. Instead, they move air around. But a little know-how may still ascertain that you use the fan more efficiently so as to keep yourself cool.

Positioning fans in windows and hallways may bring cool air in and, at the same time, push warm air to make everything feel cooler.

3.Throw in Some Shade

Some shade may lower the local temperature by around 12 degrees. Although the personal impact of shade is definitely obvious, it might as well come in handy in your home.

Hanging outdoor awnings and planting trees, which throw in some shade on the house, will enable you to minimize the sunlight amount heating the entire house. If you are able to stop direct sunlight from shining in your home, it could even be better.

4.Turn off the Lights

Among the best thing about the summer months is sunshine. Any kind of electricity or power in a house generates heat. This means when the light is on in a home, it can generate unnecessary light, which warms your home even further.

Consider embracing natural sunlight and keep every light off in the evening and during the day. With this, you will not just benefit from natural light. You will as well save cash on electricity.

5.Drink a lot of Water

Being hydrated can ensure you feel cooler. You can get surprised by the amount of water your body loses throughout the day.

You will have to replace the lost water by drinking enough water. The recommended amount of water is around eight glasses.

Final Touches!

Finding a way to prevent your body from overheating is not just important for your comfort. It is also vital for your health. So it is important to do everything possible to keep yourself cool during summer by drinking enough water and investing in the right outfits, among others.

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