5 Reasons Shoes Aren’t Important to Some People


I am not ashamed to admit it: when it comes to clothing choices, shoes are at the bottom of my priority list. They just aren’t important to me. By the way, I’m not alone. I know plenty of other people who couldn’t care less about what they wear on their feet. That is not to say that those who care deeply about footwear are wrong. It is merely to say that people are different. Shoes just aren’t important to some.

Those of us who don’t place a lot of importance on shoes will not run out to buy GC Tech slip-on waterproof overshoes. But our counterparts in the professional world will. They rely on waterproof shoe covers to protect their expensive dress shoes against the elements. It is all good.

If you are in the camp that always wears shoes, you might not understand those of us in the other camp. So here are five reasons shoes are not important to us:

1. Going Shoeless Is More Comfortable

Some of us don’t really like shoes because we find them uncomfortable. Ditto for socks. From our perspective, shoeless is the only way to go. Walking around without shoes is comfortable. It seems more natural. On the other hand, covering the feet with shoes feels uncomfortable and restrictive. Given the choice, we will leave our feet bare as often as possible.

2. We Work from Home

Those of us who find shoes uncomfortable are more likely to go without shoes at home. If we are lucky enough to work from home, we could go days – or even weeks, for that matter – without putting on a pair of shoes. Talk about nirvana! Going an entire week without ever putting something on your feet is like heaven on Earth. Of course, that doesn’t apply to those who love to wear shoes.

3. Shoes Are Only Functional to Us

Yet another reason some of us don’t place a lot of importance on shoes is the fact that we consider them functional only. To us, the only purpose for wearing shoes is to protect the feet. It is not about style or fashion. In fact, we don’t care what our shoes look like as long as they do the job for which they have been designed.

By the way, we are easily spotted in this regard. Why? Because it’s not unusual to find us wearing shoes that don’t match the rest of our clothing. We just grab the first pair we find before heading out the door. If they don’t look good, so be it.

4. The Environment Doesn’t Require It

Moving on, shoes aren’t important to some of us because the environments in which we work and play really don’t require footwear. For example, imagine a couple who runs a boutique resort in the Florida Keys. Both spend a good portion of their day on the beach or the water. The most they need for their feet are a good pair of flip-flops. Yet even these are not mandatory.

5. One Pair Is as Good as the Next

Finally, shoes are not important to those of us who really don’t see a whole lot of difference between styles. As far as we are concerned, one pair of shoes is as good as the next. We are equally happy with sneakers and loafers. A pair of dress shoes looks like any other.

If you are a shoe person, not caring about shoes may seem like a crime to you. Some of us are guilty. We will admit to the fact that shoes just aren’t important to us. Can we still be friends?

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