7 Ways to Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer


The nautical, seaside-style stripes are a popular trend every spring and summer. But, 2017 is seeing a resurgence of these stripes. This trend was brought in by Banana Republic, just one of many big brands. We also have some ideas that you might like. We’ve compiled a list of the top looks, products, and deals for nautical stripes. We would love to hear about your favorite looks. Please let us know by leaving comments at the end of the post.

1 – Nautical Dresses

Although vertical stripes will be more flattering than horizontal stripes, you can still wear horizontal stripes if your body isn’t a waif-like zero. You have many options to wear them in a way that suits your body type and shape.

The waist pulls in, giving the illusion that you have curves Jessica Rabbit would love, even though you don’t. Faking it is okay. To cover your arms, you can easily wear a white cardigan or a white capped-sleeve shirt over it. It is simple and elegant, yet it looks cute.

2 – Dark Nautical Dresses

Contrasting stripes with darker colors are easier to wear than those with lighter shades. This dress is currently on sale at ASOS for PS22 (regularly PS50), and it’s one of the best ways to wear nautical stripes this season. The dress is dark enough to flatter and make you feel more comfortable. You can pair it with Converse trainers, Converse shoes, heels, cowboy boots, or any other type of footwear that you prefer. It is extremely versatile. The top half can be easily adapted to suit any occasion. A white cardigan or denim jacket could be used as a summer cover-up, or even as a casual, light evening covering. This little beauty might be ours to keep.

3 – Belted Beauties

If you don’t have one, a belt can create the illusion of a slim waist and/or an hourglass figure. This is a great tip especially for people with straight-up or down figures. To kill two trends at once, thicker belts such as waist cinchers can be added. Or, you could add a thin belt for some definition.

If you are lucky, you might find a shirt or dress similar to this one with the included belt. That gives you all the reasons you need to purchase it. It can be worn as a dress with Converse trainers, or you could put them on and wear heels with it for a party-ready look.

Closet London has this cute nautical stripe summer dress for only PS24 (previously PS48). To see a more detailed look, click the image or the link below.

4 – Block It

Avoid vertical stripes that run across your largest part of the body. The stripes can make you appear wider. You may find that the stripes make you appear wider. If you break up the pattern with blocks of color (e.g. a skirt or trousers), you will feel more comfortable and also look slimmer when you see yourself in the mirror.

Stick the stripes at the top if you don’t like the lower half. Stick the stripes at your bottom if you don’t love the top half. Start with accessories and move up from there if you are just starting.

5 – Nautical Stripes + Blue Blazers

A blazer can be worn over a dark, casual outfit to make nautical stripes look more sophisticated. For example, you could wear blue jeans with a dark shirt and a blazer over it. You could also wear a nautical-striped shirt and a dark-coloured blazer on top. You can customize nautical stripes to suit your style. This helps “dillow” the effect of the stripes by wearing a darker blazer over the top.

6 – Simple Nautical Dresses

It is a great idea to remember that the longer the stripe, both the length of your body and the width, the more it will appear. The smaller stripes should be kept to areas that you are unhappy with. Keep the larger stripes for the parts you like.

This dress can be worn with a jacket, cardigan or jacket to give it a pop of color. A statement necklace and a handbag can make this look suitable for work. For a casual, everyday look, add some flats. These are great for all the running you might need.

7 – Nautical Accessories

Start small with accessories if stripes seem a bit too bold or outlandish on your clothes. For sassy days, you could start by adding a headband or hair bow with stripes. You could also add a bag or shoes. This will increase your confidence in the new trend. You can take it slow – baby steps are fine!

This is a combination of a red-striped nautical bag and a blue-and-white polka dot dress. The same could be done with any other outfit that requires a bag.

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