A Cowhide Rug Is An Incredibly Versatile Piece


A cowhide rug can be an incredibly versatile piece that is perfect for creating a rustic feel in any room in your home. They instantly add character to any space, making them the ideal accessory to transform a dull room into something special and unique. The most popular place to use a cowhide rug is in the bedroom. They provide a soft and warm feel against bare feet, which can be particularly useful for people who suffer from allergies. You can also use them to replace the carpeting in your living room. The rugs look just as lovely, if not more attractive than a traditional floor covering. Other popular places include the entrance of your home and the den or family room. The fantastic look of a cowhide rug gives you that rustic country home feel.

The skin rugs are not recommended for carpeted areas. They also are not safe to use as a rug or carpet in homes with puppies and kittens due to the possibility of the pet chewing them. You can use either type of rug anywhere outside on a patio or in your garden area. They will provide a cozy place for you and your family to sit and relax after your day. Place one in the playroom so you can easily throw it in the washer to clean when necessary. They are also a wonderful gift to give to someone in your life. You can choose to personalize them with a few initials or with embroidery if you have time to do it. Either way, the recipient will be thrilled by the thoughtful gesture and will cherish the memory of this special occasion for years to come. The light-colored hide rugs make an excellent accent piece on any wall in your home. They are great for adding a pop of color, yet they also look lovely in a more neutral environment.

When used as decor, you can choose the perfect place to hang it and enjoy walking by it daily. The versatility of these rugs also means you can use them outside during your warmer months or when the colder weather hits. You can quickly move them to whatever room you’re most comfortable in throughout each season. Although a cowhide rug may seem like an expensive piece to purchase, you can usually find one within your budget.

You may even be able to shop around and find them on sale at certain times of the year. Many people are skeptical about using a hide rug because they worry about staining it with food or liquid spills. Just make sure you are careful and understand how to clean and maintain your rug properly. Stains should be the only problem. The hide rug is made from the back of a cow, which is not where meat is cut from. It comes from leather, which was used for saddle blankets during horse travel.

The most important thing you can do to care for your new hide rug is successfully follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance directions. In most cases, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Although most mild cleaning products you find at your local home improvement store are safe to use with cowhide rugs, they can change the texture of the leather. This is because most cleaning products contain petroleum-based cleaners. These products soften the hide, which will help it to maintain its shape when it comes time to dry. If you are not careful, you may end up with an uncomfortable rug on your hands that is too soft to sit on.

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