Cuban Links: How to Wear Them?


Cuban links are one of those items that are both rare and can speak for themselves. There’s no need to explain these links’ origin, significance, or meaning. Everybody knows everything about this jewelry. People have seen the movie Scarface, they know the Hip Hop culture, and there is nothing more to explain.

But wearing these pieces of jewelry the right way is not always self-explanatory. There are particular settings, situations, and outfits where these links are the perfect accessory. If individuals wear other jewelry, it seems out of place.

To use the power of this necklace, people may benefit from a short lesson in style, as well as some hands-on experiences wearing these links for themselves. Here is a list of things individuals need to know about how to wear Cuban link chains the right way to help them maximize their looks every time they leave their house.

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The right size

A simple way to mess up a Cuban link look from the get-go is to wear a simple necklace that is too small or big. Let’s admit it – we are not a member of a rap group, and unless we are already a celebrity, there is a good chance that we are not going to wear massive and oversized link chains anytime soon.

The most prominent link chain appropriate to wear is no bigger than ten millimeters thick and twenty-four inches long. To hit the sweet spot, people should aim slightly under these measurements. On the other hand, chains that are too slim and short might not deliver the punch individuals want from the Cuban link chain experience. Ideally, these things will hang right above the center of the user’s chest and fit the proportion of their outfits without destroying the outfit’s balance. 

The right clothing

What is the point of wearing these flashy and expensive link chains if the owner is not going to put a lot of effort into the rest of their looks? If people want to sport these things, let them get motivated to get their style together in an inclusive sense, and people will make a stronger impression.

Always keep in mind that the shirt will draw a lot of attention when chains draw the eye to the wearer’s chest area. Hence, individuals need to focus on upgrading their threads with good and quality materials that can complement the texture and color of the Cuban chain.

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perfect accessory

Neutral colors like gray, blue, black, or white will make these things look great, and individuals should not be afraid to layer with undershirts and button-downs. Individuals can follow that up with chinos or dressy jeans that fit well, as well as match the sophisticated street look they want. Wearing these things is all about completely knowing the difference between casual dressing and under dressing.

Also, people should try to avoid overdressing when sporting a Cuban link chain since the style of this jewelry is not meant to be worth formal wear and high-end suits. With this in mind, individuals can wear these things with upscale clothing as long as they keep the casual vibe and focus on the quality of their clothing from head to toe.

The right accessories

When an individual sports these things around their neck, he is a guaranteed show-stopper. But what about other valuable accessories that can complement these links and complete the look? This necklace is part of the bigger picture.

If the wearer is a guy, it is time to step it up in other categories, such as rings, bracelets, and other inspiring things. Individuals do not want to overdo their bling, especially if they are just exploring this industry for the first time. So it is all about easing into their new look, as well as subtle pieces from time to time until they have a good lineup of items they can choose from.

A simple tip:

Stick with one color scheme when starting a Cuban link chain collection. With Cuban silver chains as centerpieces, people will know to look for platinum, white gold, or silver. It will help individuals coordinate their looks with ease, as well as avoid unnecessary clashes.

The right setting

People are getting the idea of how to sport these things, but style is also about the situation and setting. Some instances are perfect for wearing the biggest chains, while some instances call for a more subtle approach to accessorizing.

People should use their best judgment to find out the atmosphere and vibe of an event before they pick the right jewelry to sport and adjust their appearance accordingly throughout the night or day. The important part about these necklaces is that they can be hidden in the wearer’s shirt without any problems and still make a good impression at one glance.

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