Home remedies to treat angular cheilitis


Angular Cheilitis is a condition that occurs in the corners of the mouth and the symptoms involves redness, itching and dryness. There are other names for this however the angular cheilitis is the renowned name. according to the statistical data the condition is prevalent for almost 2 million people across the globe every year.

Before we move on to the treatment and  remedies let us know some of the types of these angular cheiliis stages – the initial stage is the minor angular cheilitis, the second stage being mild angular one, the third stage is sever condition and the final stage involves chronic condition. The main causes vary from person to person as certain amount of saliva gets trap towards the corner of the mouth and when it dries, it increases the risk of cracking. The angular cheilitis cream in India is considered to be a best medication to reduce the infection on the corners of the mouth.

Some of the home remedies to treat the angular cheilitis include:

1. Applying essential oils

The first and foremost remedy you can try at home is to apply the essential oils such as olive oil, oregano and tree tea oil towards the sides of the mouth. All you need to do is to add the drops of these oils on the sides and leave them for few minutes. You can also mix these oils with coconut oil to get more benefits.

2. Use lavender oils

Lavender oil contains antifungal properties and thus helps to combat the infection and cracking of the mouth corners. This also contains anti analgesic property and thus provides great relief to the inflammation and itching sensation.

3. Use baking soda on the corners

Mix a table spoon of baking soda and make it a thick paste apply this toward the corners of the mouth. Leave this for 5 minutes and clean it with clean towel after few minutes. As the baking soda contains the antiseptic properties it helps to fight against the fungal infection and bacterial infection.

4. Apply garlic extract

Another remedy to treat the angular cheilitis to apply the garlic extract towards the corners of the mouth where you have the infection and crack. The allicin that is present in the garlic exhibits the antifungal properties there by reducing the inflammation and alleviates the cracks. The antifungal on lips cream contains garlic extract and allicin compound that are available in the stores.

5. Use honey on the cracks

Apply a tablespoon of honey around the area of infection near the mouth corners and leave for half an hour. It is recommended to continue applying twice a day for a week to get a great and better relief. As the honey contains the antifungal and antiseptic properties, it helps to reduce the fungal infection and inflammation.

6. Other home remedies to treat angular cheilitis include:

Apply some drops of jojoba oil on the infected surface

Another best solution is to apply petroleum jelly

Use lemon extract and yogurt on the cracks

Apply apple cider vinegar that gives a great relief


With the above tips that help to cure the mouth cracks and angular cheilitis, you can get rid of them easily without taking much medications and efforts.

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