How Do IQOS Heated Tobacco Product Types Work?


IQOS is a brand developed by Phillips Morris International. It is a tobacco heating system also called heat-not-burn [HnB] tobacco product. In 2016, PMI launched its first heated tobacco product IQOS and expanded its market in 69 countries around the globe. More than 12.7 million adults have reported successfully switching to IQOS and quitting cigarette smoking, according to PMI.

IQOS types

Blade devices

The initial generation uses blade heating technology and has to be used with HEETs or HeatSticks. You can buy IQOS Heets for blade devices on Heated

Induction technology

The Latest IQOS Iluma One uses induction technology for heating tobacco. It was launched in the first quarter of 2021. Specially designed heated tobacco units are used in the latest generation – ‘TereaSmartCore Sticks’.

What’s a heated tobacco unit?

It contains a uniquely treated tobacco plug intended for heating and not smoking. Tobacco leaves are ground and wrapped in cast-leaf [tobacco sheets]. The sheets are crimped and designed into a tobacco plug.

The initial [blade] and latest [induction] generation IQOS devices use diverse heated tobacco units.

The blade series are IQOS 2.4+, 3.0 Duo, & 3 Multi that use HeatSticks or HEETS.

The induction series are IQOS Iluma collection that uses TereaSmartCore Sticks.

It means the heated tobacco unit of the blade series is incompatible with the induction series and vice versa.

How does the IQOS original blade series work?

The blade series is available in two versions.

There are 3 main elements – heated tobacco unit, holder, & charger.

It is an integrated product that joins a charger and holder. It allows multiple uses without battery recharging.

Every blade device work similarly….

The heated tobacco unit is inserted in the holder that houses an e-controlled heating blade.

The button is pushed to activate the heater and the blade that heats the tobacco. The temperature is controlled to ensure that the taste is consistent and there is no burning.

The user inhales on a heated tobacco unit. The heated tobacco unit lasts for 14 puffs or six minutes.

After it is finished, the user has to remove it from the holder for proper disposal. The small battery will need to be charged for the next use. However, for several versions, recharging is not needed up to 2 or 10 times.

How does the IQOS induction series work?

The concept of tobacco heating is the same but without a blade.

The heated tobacco unit is inserted into the filter line. The holder will vibrate as a signal that it is inserted correctly.

Press the button if you desire but the heating will automatically start. Energy is transferred through a magnetic field inside the heated tobacco unit to heat the nicotine.

Just like the blade series, the induction series can use 14 puffs or six minutes.

After it is finished, the user has to remove it from the holder for proper disposal. The holder will need to be charged for the next use.

Remember, heated tobacco products are different than e-cigs!

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