Legal Issues Relevant to the Fashion Industry


Whether you are an attorney, a fashion designer, or an entrepreneur, you will find that there are a lot of legal issues that are relevant to the fashion industry. Some of the more fundamental issues include: intellectual property, business, finance, and international trade. There are also a number of subcategories, such as government regulation, employment, and labor.


Seersucker is a style of men’s dress that conjures up images of a Southern wedding and Kentucky Derby and can even be used by a personal injury lawyer to look great. It’s a heritage item that is often associated with lawyers. However, it is also popular among African-Americans.

Seersucker suit, a type of sleeveless suit, was popular in the 1930s and early 1940s. It was used as an alternative to heavy wool suits. The popularity of seersucker waned after the Second World War. However, it has been revived recently with a revival of prep fashion.

When the suit came into prominence in the mid-1940s, it was worn by the upper class in southern states. It was a lightweight suit that was inexpensive. Haspel was the company that first made these suits. Eventually, these suits became so common in the South that they began to be manufactured in the Gulf Coast, New Orleans and other Southern cities.

After World War II, seersucker’s use declined due to the spread of air conditioning. In the 1960s, it was a staple of the film industry. Cary Grant donned a seersucker suit in “Charade” and Method Man was seen in a three-piece suit in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Senators in the United States also started to wear seersucker suits, which had been banned by the Senate since the 1930s. They were a common choice in the Senate during the hot summer months, as a way of protecting legislators from the heat.

Silver and black tie

Silver and black tie is a very fancy outfit, but it does not necessarily equate to a suit of armor. Hence, you need to make sure you put your best foot forward. If you have a job in a formal office environment, a silver and black tie ensemble is a safe bet. Moreover, the combination looks great on just about anyone. It works with all hair colors, including blondes and brunettes. Invest in a well-fitting tux.

One of the best parts of a silver and black tie ensemble is that you can choose to wear either one. So, you can go with a black tuxedo or a blue velvet one for a more formal event. A velvet jacket is also very chic. You can go with a double breasted one for a slightly more conservative affair.

As far as the lawyer’s outfit goes, you can’t really go wrong with the silver and black tie oft paired with a classic white dress shirt. Don’t forget to accessorize! Wear a nice pair of gray gloves.

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