Planning and Decorating Kid’s Room


Are you planning to do or redo the décor of your kids’ room? If yes, then it is important that you select a decoration theme that will please both the kid and you. Moreover, it should be a perfect fit in your budget along with looking like a small world decorated with love and care. With Bloomingdale’s discount code you can get great ideas for kid’s room decoration at amazingly discounted prices.

Tips for Kid’s Room Decoration:

Choose the Theme of the Bedroom Together

You are embarking on the decoration of the child’s room; it’s time to bring together different inspirations, photos, and mood boards to decide which theme to turn to.Remember that the child’s bedroom is a real living space for the child: he sleeps there, he plays there, and he also works there. To choose the decoration of the child’s room, take into account the wishes of the child and agree together on the theme of the room. It is no longer a baby’s room where parents can have fun; the child’s room must above all be suitable for the child. An essential tip for decorating a child’s room is to avoid using furniture that is too marked “early childhood”: the furniture can “grow” at the same time as the child and accompany him over the years.

No More Than 3 Colors in the Room

Colors are essentialfor the child. When it comes to decorating a child’s room, and decorating in general, avoid more than 3 different colors in the same room. Indeed, keep in mind that the toys in the bedroom will overload the decoration of the room, so it is better not to have too many colors in the bedroom.You can only color one wall of the bedroom with one color, to leave the other walls white and thus highlight a baby room poster or a personal drawing on the wall. You can look for decorative frames and wall hangings for kids’ room with Bloomingdale’s discount code.

Make a Comfortable and Cozy Sleeping Area

If you opt for a single bed, bet on the colorful cushions and sheets that make children happy. And then, when they get tired of the colors, you just have to change the covers. The main thing is to create a cozy sleeping area, where they feel good to sleep.You can also opt for a modular bed for the child’s bedroom décor. This type of bed offers the great advantage of growing up with the child. Some parents opt for a raised bed to create a desk or play area on the floor. This decorative solution is ideal for small spaces.

Bet on Practical Storage

If there is one thing that should not be overlooked when decorating your child’s room, it is the storage. Above all, choose them accessible and easy to handle storage items so that children are encouraged to tidy up their room. Furniture with casters offers the advantage of being able to move easily according to the children’s activities and can be stored under the bed when you want to give the impression of aspotlessly tidy room in all circumstances. You can get practical storage items with Bloomingdale’s discount code at reduced prices.

Make an Autonomous Office Area

Finally, when you start decorating the room of your child, don’t forget the office area. Admittedly, the child is often out of his room when he is doing his homework: for example, in the living room, under the supervision of his parents. But you will quickly realize that the child, over the years, claims his office area “to be like the grown-ups” and thus gain autonomy.The office location is ideal when it is near a window to benefit as much as possible from natural light and thus avoid straining the child’s eyes. The size of the desk can change depending on the age of the child. You can look for different tables of kids with Bloomingdale’s discount code to make the room look trendy.

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