Sportswear: how to properly care for it?


Both amateurs and professional athletes need high-quality, functional and comfortable sports clothing that does not restrict movement. However, caring for sports clothes is just as important as choosing the right clothing items, as it helps to extend their lifespan. AUDIMAS brand specialists offer some useful tips on how to properly care for sportswear to preserve its appearance.

T-shirts and other sportswear: pay attention to the information on their label

Labels on t-shirts and other sportswear are there for a reason: they provide important information about the fabric of the item and the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to care for it. Regardless of what fabric the sportswear is made of, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before choosing one or another way to care for it. The most important thing is to pay attention to the recommended water temperature, laundry cycle and drying instructions.

Leggings and other sportswear: take care of them as soon as you finish exercising

To preserve the durability of your sportswear, take care of it as soon as you finish your workout. After taking off your sports clothes, do not rush to throw them in the laundry basket, as the unpleasant odours will soak into other clothing. Sweat and dirt are the biggest enemies of sportswear, so try to wash it after each use.

However, if you are not able to wash your sportswear immediately after wearing it, simply spread the clothes out in a dry place and let them dry so that they are no longer damp.

Sportswear and casual wear: keep the loads separate

Sportswear should be washed separately from other clothes to preserve its colour, quality and durability. It should not be washed with casual clothing or other items that have many buttons or zippers. Various fasteners can damage the fabrics of sports clothing, which can eventually lead to their disintegration. It is also not recommended to wash sportswear together with other clothes that require different care, such as jeans, sweaters, etc.

Sports clothes should be washed in special laundry bags, which help preserve the colour of the clothes and the durability of the fabrics.

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