The ABCs of autumn


B is for books, which go perfectly with the cold and rainy fall evening. Even if you are not a big fan of reading, try to read at least one atmospheric book this autumn, such as “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt or the classic “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte.

C stands for cocoa, our all-time favorite beverage, which is ideal for sipping at a café while waiting for loved ones or completing your assignments. Cacao is warm and sweet, and it pairs nicely with other fall delicacies like strudel or pumpkin pie.

D would be for dead leaves, which fall colorfully over the grass in the park, creating a beautiful autumn scene. They’re also wonderful for decorating your home and creating a cozy autumn ambiance.

E stands for the end of summer, which marks the start of a new season, with all its mesmerizing sunsets, holidays, and special events.

F is for family feasts for which we are always there at all of the most awaited fall events. The tables filled with lovingly cooked meals will surely bring us all closer together.

G would be for going on walks, as this season is the perfect one to take a relaxed, long walk, especially with your family or friends. Grab a cup of coffee and make sure to admire all the splendors of nature during this period of time.

H obviously stands for Halloween, the holiday that we have all been expecting literally since it ended a year ago. Funny costumes, lots of candies, and some classic movies such as “Hocus Pocus” and “Caroline”, what else could you wish for!

I is for Irish sweater, an item of clothing that shouldn’t be missed from your wardrobe, especially during this season. You can knit one by yourself or buy one from Tara Irish Clothing, and your Irish sweater is sure to keep you warm and cozy during these gloomy days.

J stands for Jack-o-lanterns, which are an indispensable part of the autumn season. Carving one can be a fun way to spend time while watching a scary movie or it can be an activity for the whole family that will bring you all together.

K can be found in jackets, another piece of clothing that no autumn is complete without. Wear big, cozy jackets to protect yourself from the cold and they will make you feel happy and comfy.

L stands for all the beautiful autumn landscapes that are around during these three months, be it the vivid-colored days of September or the dark evening at the end of the season.

M would be for the maple trees, whose colorful leaves make them look mesmerizing in the fall and create wonderful scenery in parks and forests.

N is for November, the last month of the autumn, when we all say goodbye to this wonderful season and start preparing for the winter holidays.

O is for the color orange which can be found everywhere around us in flowers, leaves, and even meals.

P obviously stands for pumpkins, which look lovely in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They are great for preparing dishes, but also for decorating your porch for when the kids come to trick-or-treat.

Q can be found in the autumn equinox. Every year, it is celebrated on the 22nd of September and it symbolizes the day when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length.

R stands for the rain, a necessary part of every fall season. Although some don’t like it, rain is essential for the crops and it also makes us cherish the sunny days.

S is for scarves, the one accessory that no fall outfit is complete without. Choose one with bold lines or patterns to match your personal style and to make your days more colorful.

T stands for Thanksgiving, yet another long-awaited holiday. All you need for a wonderful celebration is the family atmosphere, delicious food, and, of course, the irreplaceable turkey.

U is for the umbrella, which is so useful during these rainy days. Get a colorful one that will brighten up your day and remember to never leave the house without one.

V can be found in the harvest, which is such an essential part of the fall season. A harvest day in the fall can provide us with enough food to last the whole year.

W is for the windy days when all we want to do is to stay in our bed, sip a cup of hot tea, and read a book.

X can be found in X-mas, which is soon to arrive after the end of the fall.

Y is found in the hay, which we collect during the harvest season and give to the farm’s cows and other animals.

Z is found in cozy, which is just how we’d like to feel this fall!

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