Growth Of Urban Streetwear for Men and Women


Urban clothing is a way of dressing in a most relaxing way with maximum style creation by people’s own pick. However, styling oneself is not a big deal in this era as the fashion industry allows everyone to express themselves by the way they dress up.

Urban Clothing and Street Wears for Men

Urban clothing and Mens streetwear t shirts show the hip hop culture arose from African and American youth specially in New York. Cities like Chicago and San Francisco needs to be named as this culture has created hype from these cities.

The rappers first wore urban clothing style which then became famous in the cities and followed by every young boy and man. The rappers showed the looks with baggy clothes and big neck chains. They put on the chains and rings s the part of jewelry for men.

Not only the clothing, but the get ups like dying their hair and different hairdos also came in trend. The most famous African hip hop style was started as the red and green clothes. In 1990’s the music of hip hop changed and so are the dressing.

The innovation in hip hop music changed the way of urban clothing. Many singers like left eye played their role in making the baseball caps and vibrant colored clothes famous. The baggy pants wore by prisoners also effected the dressing and influenced the hip hop culture a lot.

Growth of Urban Clothing

The growth in urban styling of clothes started from cities like New York where the clothes also added the footwear and accessories to complete the getup. Hoodies and boots were the trend started from New York.

It was the most famous get up of the youngsters because they found it super comfortable and cool to wear. Trendy wears from the wardrobes of singers and musicians became famous as non-formals. In addition to shirts and accessories, the variety of jackets also came into the game.

The innovation and addition of more variety articles like over sized chains and glasses with tight sneakers and baggy hoodies, make teenagers inspired and fond of dressing like a pro.

Different types of jeans in a price your pocket can afford easily is available in every country. It all started in 80’s and spread like a fire throughout the world. Dressing in urban style is no more a strange thing now. Every country knows and feels the vibe of dressing in street wears.

This dressing trend was common in men but not to late to enter the women market as well. While boys tend to keep it classy and simple, girls want every style to be put on by them. They want different accessories and wears to beautify their look.

Headwear and Neck Wear for Men and Women

Whenever men stand to dress up for a casual look, they look for a bow or any neckwear like chain or classy named neck chain to make it look dressed and ready. Women on the other hand take advantage from their scarves.

Scarves of all colors are used in many ways. Make it a neck wear or twisted around hand or wrist, a scarf always enhances the style game and make it on point.

The color choice for men also changed from dull and dark to bold and vibrant. The boundaries set for both the genders were made flexible and both the genders now enjoy the essence of each other’s clothing.

Head wears has been popular in case of men. It is perfect for men to make a look casual. Moreover, beech time is usually boring without a vibrant beech hat. Hats are different for warm looks and for beech looks.

Pairing it with jeans and T-shirt or floral dress shirt is what gives a perfect vibe as a handsome hunk. Recent years have made the come back of hats in the summer season too linen pillowcases . Prevention of skin from sun waves was not easier before the hats came and did the thing.

Accessories For Men and Women

Men now has started carrying shoulder bags as a sign of fashion. Gone are the days of carrying briefcases or backpacks. Now is the trend to carry shoulder bags like an expert. It makes boys look cute and feel good.

The variety in the quality and designs for bags allows men to pick their own personal favorite. Accessories now are the name of what you like instead of what suits you or accepted by the fashion world.

Moreover, the jewelry included the earpieces and neckwear for girls and pendants and chains for boys most often. However, street boys are also seen wearing earpieces giving a gangster vibe. This vibe itself is an intense culture.

Men also wear leather bracelets with stylish patterns on it. These all pieces can be paired with street wear for men’s grace and highlighted looks.

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