10 beauty tips for brides-to-be


You are going to get married in 2018 and on your list of preparations, there is the little line “beauty” . You may have decided to do your bridal makeup yourself, unless you prefer to go through a professional? In any case, we have compiled a series of tips from brides for you . A wealth of ideas for your big day!

1. Take care of your skin

We all want perfect skin for this special day! So you might as well put the odds on your side by taking care of your skin . For my part, I have always had a good skincare routine, and I applied it to the letter several months before the big day: cleansing in the rules of the art every night without exception, serum and moisturizer in the morning. and evening, and I treated myself to a facial treatment performed by a professional at home once a month for three months.I don’t know if it worked, but in any case my skin was perfect, and then it forced me to take time for myself during these months of preparations which were quite stressful. You can try and incorporate natural essential oils for better results. Visit this page to know more about cbd oil for skin care.

2. Be yourself

“It might sound obvious, but it’s rule number one. No one wants to be in disguise on their wedding day . When I started to think about the beauty treatment, I had a little crazy cravings for very red rouge and endless eyelashes. Except that in everyday life, I never wear makeup! My best friend convinced me to go for lighter makeup, and I did well to listen to her: you don’t have to do a lot to feel special that day. ”

3. If you hesitate, try make-up

I organized myself to come a few days earlier to do a test beauty treatment with her, to reassure myself. I was delighted with the result, and was able to test three different lipsticks before deciding on the right shade. So I was able to sleep peacefully, and with all the other subjects that stressed me, at least I was reassured about the makeup! ”

4. Be free to use your own beauty products.

“For my wedding, I brought in a professional makeup artist, but I asked her to use my lipstick and mascara. For my lipstick, it was obvious because I wanted to be free to be able to touch up throughout the day. For the mascara, it’s a bit silly but it’s a reference that I have used for years and I am sure of the result. I did well to ask him, because the result was magnificent . She applied it to me so well that it was even better than at home! ”

5. Choose quality products

A friend of mine is a professional makeup artist and agreed to do my wedding makeup. She advise  me to invest in good beauty products, and I took her advice. It was indeed a great opportunity to sort through my old lipsticks, and throw away my waterproof mascara from last summer! Think about it: you can have the best waterproof products in the world, if they are outdated, the result will not be what you expect. ”

6. Slightly accentuate the line

It’s not always easy to find the right balance between everyday makeup and wedding makeup. We do not want to appear too makeup, and at the same time it needs to be a little sustained to have a nice rendering on the photos for example. My makeup artist found the perfect balance by working the complexion well (more than I usually do) and applying a sustained line of eyeliner. I only did one touch-up in the afternoon, my complexion was perfect until the evening. ”

7. Think about your look as a whole

It’s difficult to plan your wedding day: you have the dress on one side, the shoes on the other, you try to imagine the two sets, and you still have to think about makeup! How can you be sure that the beauty treatment will go well with the rest of the outfit? This is the question that obsessed me for weeks (only brides-to-be will know what I’m talking about!). So to reassure myself, I showed my makeup artist many photos of my dress, so that she can see the spirit and that she can be inspired by it for the beauty treatment.. The style of my wedding was bohemian chic, I had loose hair and a very flowing dress. I didn’t want makeup that was too stuffy, while still wanting something visible. We talked about it a lot and in the end, my beauty was exactly what I wanted. ”

8. Get makeup done with your jewelry

For my wedding, I decided to do my makeup on my own. I had taken great care to do a few tests before, but the same day when I had put on my earrings, the result seemed different to me. I quickly realized that it was because of the curls: I don’t know what it is on your side, but I never wear makeup in the same way when I wear jewelry or not.. For example, when I don’t have curls or a necklace, I like to wear a very pigmented red that almost acts as a piece of jewelry on its own. With curls, the whole thing is too busy, and that’s what happened on my wedding day. Fortunately I had a second lighter red in “Plan B”, so I quickly removed makeup from my lips and I was able to apply the correct red. In short, my advice is to always do makeup tests with the jewelry you will wear on the wedding day.

9. Provide a kit for touch-ups

On your wedding day, apart from your bouquet, you shouldn’t have to carry anything! For my part, I had prepared a pouch with everything needed to survive this day : powder for the complexion, concealer, lipstick, moisturizing balm, small perfume spray, paper tissues, refreshing wipes, cell phone . I entrusted everything to my witnesses, and in all I made two alterations during the day, in particular one before the evening ”

10. Make the most of the beauty treatment!

It’s the start of the day, you will soon be sucked into a whirlwind of emotions that won’t end until the next day. You will lose your mind, cry, laugh, vibrate, and you will no longer think about your makeup (and that’s good). When I look back on that day, I have a wonderful memory of the beauty treatment. The makeup artist was very gentle and caring, and for almost an hour I was able to clear my mind and fully relax. There were my witnesses, we all laughed a lot together. It was a precious moment to decompress before taking the plunge.

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