The 5 beauty assets of a future bride


wedding organization takes a lot of time and energy and yet the bride-to-be must also take care of her over the long term to be splendid on D-Day. Even if the professionals know how to work miracles, it is important to take day-to-day self-care to look the best on the wedding day.

Here is a short list of quick and easy beauty tips that will make you the luminous bride you dream of being.

The skin : The skin is often neglected in beauty sections, but knowing how to take care of it is essential. The skin is the reflection of the soul, fatigue and stress have obvious repercussions on the radiance of your complexion and even on the maintenance of the skin.

The first essential step is to hydrate yourself well, from head to toe. To avoid drying out the skin, avoid showers that are too hot or too numerous and invest in a good cream.

Finally, do not spend too much time in the sun , it creases and refines the skin and can have very serious health consequences (melanoma, etc.).

The hair : the hair is the charm of the bride . Loose, curly, smooth, in a bun… they are number one in our beauty list. Hair health depends on your lifestyle: whether you lack sleep or lack vitality, your hair will lose shine and shine.
Make sure you eat well and rest and avoid abusing your hair: Elastics and too much brushing break the hair from root to tip.

Do not hesitate to multiply nourishing masks during the months preceding the big day.

The nails : These depend on our vitality , just like the hair. Specialized strengthening nail polishes are very effective, as is brewer’s yeast capsule. The latter makes the nail more resistant to everyday tasks.

The line : Most women focus on their figure when it comes to getting married. The most important thing is that the bride is in good health.

Increase your daily physical activity : taking the stairs, walking instead of taking the car, etc. Above all, remember that the most beautiful brides are those who find themselves beautiful and accept themselves as they are.

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