How to prepare your skin properly for your wedding


you are not one of the lucky ones who naturally have smooth skin and a pretty complexion , know that there is no curse , and that simple everyday actions can change things . Who does not dream of being at the top of their sexy study , especially on the big day? We draw you an extremely simple action plan to prepare your skin properly for your wedding with the help of Claire Ganglion , Pharmacist-Cosmetologist in charge of research and development at OFFICIATE and Emmanuel Strich , image consultant and personal shopper by Beautiful By Emmanuel .

What care should be given to different skin types?

Do you know the 21 day rule? Emmanuel Strich , image consultant and great beauty treatment specialist, explains that it takes 21 days to regenerate your skin . Ideally, plan to start your regimen about a month in advance. “ If there are two essential actions for all skin types, it is makeup removal and hydration,” confides Emanuel St rich . The makeup removal step eliminates all the agents that accelerate skin aging and dull the complexion. Then, each skin has its own care and beauty routine. ”The little tip of this beauty professional? “ Coconut oil, an oil with many advantages which constitutes an excellent make-up remover for the eyes, and cleanses the eyelashes very gently “.

What beauty routine should you adopt?

Claire Ganglion shares Emmanuel St rich’s point of view, “ starting a month before will allow you to have beautiful skin not only on D-Day but also on the following days when you wake up, ideal for the honeymoon! Hence the interest of an enterprising and effective cosmetic which acts in symbiosis with the skin, unlike J camouflage actions … But which can also be useful! The ideal minimum routine is a morning and evening cleansing treatment combined with a moisturizer also morning and evening. If the skin needs to be regularized, the treatments, at least in the morning, must be chosen accordingly. “

Emmanuel’s beauty routine is also based on a simple program: “ Drink lots of water to promote cell regeneration (and green tea as a supplement), moisturize your skin properly every morning , and remove makeup in the evening, perform a scrub and a mask once a week and accompany it all with a healthy and varied diet. Not to mention physical activity and good sleep (often one goes with the other!). “

Cleaning brushes, the best of technology

If you’ve ever looked into the question, you might have heard of cleansing brushes , these ultra-practical gadgets that deeply cleanse your face with their tiny, fine bristles. Are they really effective? Yes ! The proof with Visa Pure Advanced , which we tested in the editorial staff.

Catherine, our guinea pig of the day! With the eye contour tip.

What we sometimes ignore is that make-up removers and other cleansing products often leave residues of make-up, cream or just dirt… Not pretty all that. So to clean your skin in depth , nothing like a cleansing brush , which in addition, has the advantage of exfoliating and refining the skin texture. What a bonus! But beware of fragile skin: cleansing brushes may not be suitable for all skin types, and thus prove to be counterproductive… This is the famous rebound effect! The skin feels attacked, irritated , and therefore produces more sebum to strengthen the skin barrier , with the key force pimples and blackheads .

For our part, we must admit that we were surprised by the softness of the Visa Pure Advanced brush : not very fond of gadgets a bit aggressive for the skin, we found that this brush is on the contrary very soft, and leaves a pleasant feeling of cleanliness after use. And if in addition you complete its action with the massage and eye contour brushes, you combine a triple action that visibly improves the tone and radiance of the skin . In short, if the results are slow to be felt (necessarily!), We like this ultra-practical gadget (the support automatically recognizes the heads and applies the corresponding program) which pampers us from A to Z.

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