What Makes Silver So Special


Silver is one of the precious metals that also act as a medium of exchange. It is also used in manufacturing various products like jewelry, coins, elements, or plates because of its features. It’s currently dominant in the industrial sector, where it’s used to make solar panels and cell phones.

However, something special about silver sets it apart from the other metals. Read on and understand what makes silver so special.

It’s Resistant to Corrosion and Oxidation

What makes silver so special is the fact that it’s resistant to corrosion and oxidation.  Silver doesn’t rust because it’s not a ferrous metal that reacts with oxygen. Instead, it tarnishes.

However, it takes time for silver to tarnish. When silver tarnishes, it’s the top layer that forms a black coating, and it protects the remaining layers from any chemical reaction. This enables you to restore the silver’s original luster making it durable.

It Has the Best Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

Silver is also so special because it has the best thermal and electrical conductivity among all the metals. This makes it an ideal choice for electrical applications. The high electrical conductivity nature of silver sees it used as contacts in electrical switches.

Silver paste is also important in manufacturing circuit paths and passive components known as multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). The silver oxide batteries also use silver, which makes them perform better than the other batteries.

It’s Present in Many Naturally Occurring Minerals

Another thing that makes silver special is its presence in several naturally occurring minerals. Silver can be found in copper ores, lead ores or cobalt arsenide ores, unlike other precious metals like gold.

Remember, silver is mostly gotten as a by-product from mined ores. The mined ores undergo processing to derive silver.

It’s The Most Reflective Metal

Additionally, silver is the most reflective metal. Silver reflects about 955 of the light spectrum, making it ahead of the other metals in reflectiveness. This makes it a preferred choice for making mirrors.

It’s also used to make microscopes, solar panels and telescopes because of its reflective nature.

It Has Anti-Microbial Properties

Silver is also so special because it has germ-killing features. The silver ions are catalysts that absorb oxygen, killing bacteria in the process as it affects their respiratory system.

For example, in the olden days, silver spoon fed wealthy kids to make them healthier. Also, silver was used to heal wounds before antibiotics became popular.

Currently, it’s used to manufacture various medicines and consumer items like antibacterial cream.

It’s Affordable

Silver, unlike other precious metals, is affordable. You will not spend as much money on silver products as on gold, saving you some cash.

Its affordability sees it used as an inexpensive substitute for expensive metals. If you want to buy affordable but special gift, go for silver jewelry(bijou argent).

It’s Easy to Shape and Design

Silver is also a special metal because it’s softer. You can design silver jewelry easily to a preferred style to meet your taste. It can also be designed into different shapes to create silverware. However, silver must be alloyed with copper to have durable silver products.

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