A Guide to Purchasing Your First Lightsaber


Getting a lightsaber is something every Star Wars enthusiast has considered at some point. To what do you put your money? Because we want your goal of owning a lightsaber to come true, we’ve compiled this helpful guide to slicing through the jargon and figuring out what you’re looking for.

The time has come to take a stand.

Where do your thoughts go when you hear “Star Wars?”

To visualize this, picture a massive Windu lightsaber slashing through the air, severing the heads of stormtroopers and other foes. Or perhaps you view lightsabers as nothing more than novelty items, akin to the plastic swords that used to be sold in novelty stores but are now relegated to the realm of novelty.

Please remember that this is not a plaything but a weapon. In addition, its use may be subject to limitations similar to those placed on other weapons.

First, decide whether you’re more interested in joining the Jedi or the Sith side of the Force. Whether or whether you feel safe using one in public settings like parks and grocery shops depends on how rigorous your chosen side is about things like “no murder.” If there are any unique necessities for doing so, such information may factor into your decision.

Determine your preferred method of combat and purchase accordingly.

Your preferred method of combat might help you choose the best lightsaber. If you’re the type of Sith who likes to use two lightsabers at once, you should avoid the single-blade models. It’s worth noting that both double- and single-bladed sabers exist for purists.

Look for a saber that can serve several purposes.

Always remember that a wide variety of lightsabers are available to you when you shop for your first one. First, some sabers merely create noise, and second, some sabers can alter their blade color and length.

Your first saber should have more going for it than simply the ability to make noise. When purchasing your first lightsaber, it’s ideal if it can serve several purposes, such as roleplaying, cosplay, and even casual use around the house (or office). Indeed, many find owning more than one lightsaber more convenient.

It’s up to you to choose what extras you need.

You must then choose the additional capabilities you require. Typical lightsaber hues include blue and green, although other, more eye-catching hues are also available. Some lightsabers emit a humming sound, while others produce a deafening crash when they collide with one another.

For cosplay, a lightsaber with a feature that selectively illuminates the blade while it is being used is the way to go.

The key is to be aware of the rules that you will not knowingly violate

It’s crucial to be mindful of the taboos and forbidden practices you won’t budge on. Consider purchasing something of high cost and fragility if you find its exceptional quality more than justifies the extra expense.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of a good offer if it applies to anything you need. Purchasing a new lightsaber may be a significant financial commitment without prior knowledge of your specific demands.


It is our sincere wish that this article has helped you in your search for the ideal lightsaber. Please remember that you may always come to us for guidance whenever needed.

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